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When I assign an Activation and Expiration date to an enrolled student I see that 2 days later the Expiration date has also move up 2 days. This shoul...
Question asked by trainingcentre 2015/09/22, 14:35
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2015/09/23, 15:14
Hi, I've just given my first two tests to young children. There was a problem with some of the students test instructions being in French and not Engl...
Question asked by paulkendallken 2015/09/09, 04:27
7 replies · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2015/09/15, 10:32
Can I possibly get an extension to the trial period? It is due to run out on 19th September but I am still trying to work out if this is going to work...
Question asked by Ruth 2015/09/14, 13:35
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2015/09/15, 07:38
I've given my English / science tests to vietnamese students and realised that one smart kid used google translate on the test to Vietnamese to help h...
Question asked by paulkendallken 2015/09/11, 02:15
2 replies · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2015/09/14, 09:49


Is there any way I can share a folder of assessments at one time rather than having to individually share each assessment within the folder please?
Question asked by bill 2015/09/13, 20:23
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2015/09/14, 07:52
I'm sure maybe someone has asked this before but I cant find anything on it.   I gave my first two tests yesterday, however on some of my written qu...
Question asked by paulkendallken 2015/09/10, 01:49
4 replies · Last reply by paulkendallken 2015/09/11, 08:43
I'm trying to arrange homework on line. The Students are young and use English as a foreign language. It's difficult for them to have a user name and ...
Question asked by paulkendallken 2015/09/08, 03:40
2 replies · Last reply by paulkendallken 2015/09/09, 09:32
I do not understand why my standard (free trial) account is going to expire tomorrow 9/1/2015 when I just opened the account 3 weeks ago. It says I wi...
Question asked by Jennifer_shepard 2015/08/31, 11:20
3 replies · Last reply by narralakes 2015/09/09, 01:22
Hi, Just started using questbase. I find it perfect so far. A lot of customization is possible. And the publication to paper is perfect in my transi...
Question asked by althuisjohan 2015/06/19, 08:39
9 replies · Last reply by althuisjohan 2015/09/08, 16:31
Hello!I have serveral question and I hope it's okay to post them all at once! :)1) What is the difference between the advanced and basic questions tha...
Question asked by herz_anni 2013/11/07, 13:39
9 replies · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2015/09/07, 08:33
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