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hi! I am considering applying for Premium user, however the bellow question is crucial for my decision:  I am composing a psychological test on memor...
Question asked by izakosak7 2021/02/28, 07:37
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If you are facing issues due to log in to comcast email, with your Comcast email address and password. Click on users and preferences You should now b...
Question asked by markclark 2021/02/26, 12:23
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Kure Keto - Anyway, how could you really eat? Well it's a barely recognizable difference. You will need to have satisfactory complex sugars for energy...
Question asked by adviemerich 2021/02/18, 10:36
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I have 4 quizzes in my account and our employees are only seeing 2 of these 4 quizzes. How do I push them out so everybody can see everything?
Question asked by safety 2021/01/15, 20:50
1 reply · Last reply by savannahaddison9 2021/02/16, 18:25


I am having issues with the scoring not correct for multiple answer questions with more than 1 correct answer, 1 point assigned to each of them. I hav...
Question asked by hakeae 2021/02/12, 03:08
1 reply · Last reply by hakeae 2021/02/15, 06:19


Hi, designing my first assessment and tested myself. Everything looks good, I get to the end, it displays results & Pass, but there's no button or any...
Question asked by hakeae 2021/02/11, 08:43
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which is the pleasure of life?
Question asked by 2021/01/28, 04:30
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Photographs are delightful recollections, that is the reason we store them securely. With time these pictures just get accumulated, consequently to en...
Question asked by dmike2843 2021/01/21, 12:05
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Staying connected to the internet has become necessary as most of the tasks are carried out with the internet’s help. Cybercriminals may inflict harm ...
Question asked by stephennicoisa 2021/01/20, 15:34
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Are you facing trouble with your soils and foundations course? If yes, then you can get help from the solution manuals available online. The solution ...
Question asked by annajones.cfs 2021/01/15, 09:11
1 reply · Last reply by marcusharris0319 2021/01/15, 15:54
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