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Hi,  I need to do a reading test. However, when I preview the assessment on-line, the paragraph and all questions are mixed up. But I want the paragra...
Question asked by nguyenmoi1999 2018/06/05, 01:49
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/06/05, 12:10


Hi,  I want to add a satisfaction survey at the end of the exam so the students can grade the professor, methodology, etc. How could I do that? Do y...
Question asked by marketing 2018/04/19, 08:36
7 replies · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/06/05, 08:39
I have a course were the students have to do a practical, hands-on assessment and a written exam. I'd like to include the hands-on assessment grade to...
Question asked by ademir.santos 2018/05/09, 03:51
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/06/05, 07:13


I see templates for answers for 4 questions etc.  I need to use the same answers for many questions on a survey.  Can I create my own series of answer...
Question asked by mosmith 2018/02/04, 20:24
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/06/05, 06:20
Hello everyoneAs per the website, there are 500 responses per month. I have received only 330 but it showing quota over. Please throw some light.Thank...
Question asked by cuongdn1102 2018/04/04, 08:07
3 replies · Last reply by cuongdn1102 2018/06/01, 08:34
Hi,We have a LMS (Learning management system) and we want to integrate QB to this LMS. Users  are already registered on LMS. 1) We have to pass the us...
Question asked by info 2018/05/30, 06:54
1 reply · Last reply by info 2018/05/31, 11:31
Hi Team There is a way where I can see the different results using Questbase like (Pass Percentage, Quiz Coverage Percentage etc.) of a particular as...
Question asked by LEAP 2018/05/14, 06:53
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/05/25, 13:53
Hi I need please to cancel my account, I sent an email 3 days ago and I did not received reply. I would like to cancel it this month please.
Question asked by da.almazananaya 2018/05/20, 16:38
2 replies · Last reply by da.almazananaya 2018/05/23, 17:37


Hi  We have renewed the account but still the system is inaccessible. Your kind and urgent cooperation is highly appreciated. Regards
Question asked by OXFORD ACADEMY 2018/05/15, 12:15
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/05/16, 10:56
how do i create question bank and a quiz which contain 10 random questions out of 50 questions in question bank
Question asked by phuongannabi 2018/05/04, 07:37
2 replies · Last reply by phuongannabi 2018/05/09, 07:27
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