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Hi there  I was wondering would it be possible to get extension on my account. I still need to present this to my partner. Thank you in advance
Question asked by airventurekolv 2019/07/05, 02:20
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/07/05, 15:14


The site has been in maintenance for some time; when is it going to conclude? thanks
Question asked by rabbimeyers 2019/06/30, 08:38
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/07/01, 07:21
I am trying to make voca exam for students and i want to know that whether your program support this kind of question type. What i want to try is... S...
Question asked by rottben8855 2013/10/10, 13:39
9 replies · Last reply by Santhosh.Pallikara 2019/06/27, 13:34
Hello, Is it possible to create multi certificates, Example Student takes a test, and the examination last 2hrs, the test has four parts, but the sc...
Question asked by Cliff 2019/06/25, 18:57
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/06/26, 12:56
I am wondering if shortly you will be adding to the services the means to allow recording during a test. So we can evaluate the fluency of the student...
Question asked by Cliff 2019/06/24, 01:21
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/06/24, 12:37
How can I get my assessment link?
Question asked by mlugo 2019/06/18, 01:04
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/06/18, 15:25
Dear Questbase Team, I have embedded a test on my website to customise as i dont want to show the source website url. But when I am attaching a reso...
Question asked by talent100 2013/05/26, 15:35
4 replies · Last reply by wsever.hsi 2019/06/15, 22:35


We are trying to enrolling candidates but questbase is giving an error from last three days. could you please sort it out urgently.
Question asked by cbt 2019/06/03, 12:28
8 replies · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/06/12, 14:28
We have used you for years and I don't think ever used support. We really need to resolve this login issue. Please respond a.s.a.p. 
Question asked by drdavies-pa 2019/06/07, 10:14
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/06/10, 12:38
We have some tests that a video is first required to watch before taking the test. Currently the videos are on local network and the employees watch t...
Question asked by HANWHA 2019/05/28, 14:39
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/05/29, 07:28
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