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I'd like to renew my account as a Standard user. Can you help me with that?
Question asked by crfernandez 2019/03/13, 15:42
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/03/25, 13:14
Hi I'm trying to take a test with the pin 3630-9661-8700 . I'm registered but still can't not access it. It's for a job and need to have this done tod...
Question asked by k.livingstone72283 2019/03/20, 16:03
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/03/25, 11:49
Do my students have to pay to sign on and take tests? 
Question asked by oca.neal 2019/03/21, 14:19
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/03/25, 11:38
I've been trying to take the fraud and waste quiz but i for got my password and user name
Question asked by rubydmadison2015 2019/03/07, 16:40
0 replies
Hello,  It is not allowing my test student to login and take the test.  I am using the following and followed all your instructions and the student ...
Question asked by dstephens 2019/03/01, 17:51
0 replies


Hi, I'm trying to enlarge a photo that I upload for a question..because it comes very can I do that?. thx
Question asked by shamarijschool 2019/02/27, 16:38
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/03/01, 16:03


We are using secure questbase browser and we are unable to submit the responses, the page is not moving to other one.
Question asked by cbt 2019/02/15, 15:59
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/02/18, 16:14


Hi,  I'm trying to upload short answer questions via an Excel document. The question loads ok but it doesn't recognise and ultimately load the answer...
Question asked by Wayne.Thompson 2019/02/07, 08:18
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/02/12, 15:33
Hi , is it possible for us to have a drag and drop function?  For example I have a pile of words or pictures that students must be able to categorize ...
Question asked by diaip 2014/08/05, 05:28
7 replies · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2019/02/12, 15:30
Hello! Is it possible to pair for examle 4 different words with different answers?!  1 - C 2 - D 3 - A 4 - B  for examlpe By dragging och something ...
Question asked by maria.fondelius 2018/01/31, 14:00
2 replies · Last reply by m.atef 2019/02/10, 19:51
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