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Hello, I would like to delete my account, but i don't know how. Can you do it for me?  Thanks! 
Question asked by sannedoornenbal1 2018/11/13, 20:25
0 replies
Dear, Would you please delete my account as I cannot use this site for maths problems. 
Question asked by rabia_tok_ 2018/11/04, 20:18
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/11/05, 08:46
When I log into Citrix as an admin (local admin on server too) and then log into the site with the user’s creds it launches fine.  It appears that w...
Question asked by louisejgillett 2018/11/02, 06:27
0 replies
Hi There,Please assist, some of my clients get blocked from logging into the portal.  What local permissions are required?My clients are using a Citri...
Question asked by louisejgillett 2018/11/01, 11:20
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Students can't take a test. Report: Questbase is currently in maintenance. Who can help as quickly as possible?
Question asked by vems 2018/10/28, 11:46
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/10/29, 11:01
Hi, How do I add page breaks after specific sections for my printed exams? I have four sections in the exam and each section has questions from multip...
Question asked by brisbanekm 2018/10/17, 11:19
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/10/19, 16:20


I just reopened my account and was hoping to find my old questionaire. Do you have an archive that would allow me to reload the old questionaire and t...
Question asked by rsigrist 2018/10/18, 21:34
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/10/19, 15:57
Hello, I would like to know if i don't renew my account in time, i will lost everything? Thank you.
Question asked by livia.bibian 2018/10/18, 18:13
1 reply · Last reply by QuestBase Team 2018/10/19, 15:42
Ponteggi di cantiere
Question asked by antoninaluppino15 2018/10/15, 16:01
1 reply · Last reply by antoninaluppino15 2018/10/15, 16:02
Hi,"Your standard account expired after 15 days." why dont you make it clear in your front page?I wouldn,t have started with quest base then and save ...
Question asked by jon 2018/10/14, 12:44
0 replies
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